Game female character design
Visual development the game main character.
  • (deleted) Hi Fran,
    Your imagination is superb!

    I am Zedar and I have tasked myself as a GT Hiring Solutions participant to do some research on job prospects for freshly graduated Concept Artist / Animator. I spoke to VANAS' Calvin Leduc and have requested student info for my research on the job market. So, hopefully, you can help me. You never know as research does help employment agencies to understand what they can do in a certain sector if supply was more than demand, for example. So your frank feedback will be much appreciated.

    I love your art: quite unique and you are very talented. You have graduated in 2013 and could you kindly give me an idea whether you have found stable work as Concept Artist/ Animator? And also, I value your opinion of what you know in terms of the job market for this line of work in the near future? I found 40+ games studio in Vancouver alone however, a number of them are small startups and there are only 5 game companies in Victoria. Do you find that with the VANAS training, doors in various scope of work has opened to you? (besides game companies). My email Thanks/
  • Mario Animator Wow, very good looking design!