Animator wanted for ‘SkinSafe’ Project
April 18th, 2016

Animator wanted for ‘SkinSafe’ Project

A skin cancer and sun safety educational program for high-school students

Ashley Yip and Kathleen Ennis
UBC Medicine, Class of 2018
Island Medical Program, Victoria | (250) 808-4667 | (604) 308-4150

Description of the SkinSafe initiative:
SkinSafe is a program created in 2011 by UBC medical students and the Faculty of Dermatology that teaches high-school students about the pathophysiology of skin cancer and methods of prevention. Education about skin cancer is important because despite being preventable, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada. The number of new melanoma cases in B.C. is expected to increase from 965 cases in 2012 to almost 2500 cases in 2030; a significant increase for both males (144% increase) and females (176% increase)1. Prevention and education are a crucial step to curbing the increasing incidence of melanoma.

The original educational material from 2011 is being updated to an animated video with spoken voice-over. The video will communicate information about the pathophysiology of skin cancer and methods of prevention to high school students. Prevention methods will include sun protection tips, such as what to look for in a sunscreen and at what hours of the day the sun is the strongest. The video will also teach students a method for checking their skin for suspicious premalignant lesions.

Nature of job:
UBC medical students have created the video content and script, as well as some visual ideas and example videos. We are looking for a student to create the animation (including characters and setting) for the video.
There is a $500-600 stipend for this job.