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THE THIRD FLOOR, inc. is seeking talented previs Modelers/Asset Bulilders for project work in Vancouver. Talent should be available on or about May 17, 2017, with full-time availability for approximately 4 weeks. Must have existing authorization to work in Canada. If this sounds like you, please apply!

THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc. is the world’s pre-eminent, Emmy Award visualization company with offices in Los Angeles and London as well as on location with productions around the world. For the past 12 years, the studio has helped clients visualize and maximize content by producing computer-animated blueprints, known as “previsualizations”. Recent film and television projects THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc. has worked on include The Martian, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Marvel’s Ant-Man, San Andreas, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road, Maleficent, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones Seasons 4 and 5. We continue to push the boundaries of entertainment with content development for exciting cutting-edge projects.

By using the language of cinematography and animation in tandem to design the strongest possible sequences, a previs artist holds an impactful and highly collaborative role in the filmmaking process. The artistic sketch of the film to come, quickly produced through previs, supports effective creation, communication and realization of the project from development through to production and post.

Assets are built quickly and must be highly optimized for real-time workflow in Maya. Our Previs Modeler must be able to take artistic direction from a wide spectrum of sources to produce environments, props, and characters that best represent the director's vision. The ideal Previs Modeler will have a strong sense of design and feel comfortable filling in the gaps of information to ensure each asset looks its best.

Strong Knowledge of low-polygon modelling is a must, and good knowledge of real-time OpenGL techniques for lighting and FX is a plus.

The ideal candidate will:

Design accurate models from storyboards, concept art, and/or script pages.
Build lower resolution assets for both organic and hard surface - characters, creatures, props, and environments
Texture, rig, and light models quickly and efficiently.
Transfer and/or create lower resolution models from higher resolution models.
Understand concepts that are used heavily in previs such as the creation alpha/transparency cards and animated UV's for visual effects.
Possess an artistic eye for detail and understand the technical specifications for each project.
Work well on a team and successfully take direction from a supervisor.
Adapt quickly and accept change – often have to toss out ideas and start fresh.
Maintain high consistent standard of quality and speed.
Software knowledge:

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)
Mudbox (a plus)
ZBrush (a plus)